By Tracey Wurmstitch

WMF-5Our extended Day is in session each Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 11:3O until 2:00. After lunch and a short rest time the children participate in enrichment activities that include science, art and dramatic play.

This year the extended day class added preschool musical theatre to our curriculum and on Monday, June 3rd the class proudly presented the musical play The Wide Mouth Frog.

WMF-3 Sixteen four- and five-year-olds worked diligently for the five weeks leading up to the big day. The students made animal masks and scenery for the show. They used their best cutting, gluing and painting skills to bring animals to life and the jungle to Fellowship Hall.

WMF-2Each student was given a role in the show. The children all learned a dozen songs and the motions to go along with each song. They practiced a bit every day so that by show time lions, elephants, monkeys, frogs and a crocodile were ready to sing and hop their hearts out.

WMF-6The weeks of hard work paid off as the cast put on two amazing performances. The entire school enjoyed the morning show and family and friends attended the afternoon show. We are so very proud of all our performers.

The Extended Day Play was such a huge success that we are already thinking about next years show.