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Children who turn three by December 31st of the current school year may attend our three-year-old programs. For many of our students, this is their first time being away from home. Our warm-hearted teachers are ready to welcome your child into their class.

The three year old program focuses mainly on social skills and recognition of the basics. Through a balance of both small group centers and large group activities our students learn how to be a good friend, kind, considerate of others, and learn self-help skills. They also learn about colors, shapes, letters, and numbers. In the Spring, our three-year-old students visit the farm and learn about baby animals and growing plants.

Our ratio for our “Diaper-Friendly Class” is 2:12 and our other three-year-old classes is 2:14, which is below the 1:10 state ratio.

3 year old Preschool Program Bridgewater NJParents have three options for classes:

  • “Diaper-Friendly Class” on Tuesday/Thursday from 9-12:00pm (children are welcome to attend in diapers/pull-ups)
  • Three Year Old Class on Tuesday/Thursdays from 9-12:00pm (must be trained)
  • Three-Day Three Year Old Class on Monday/Wednesday/Fridays from 9-12:00pm (must be trained)
  • Five-Day Three Year Old Class on Monday-Friday from 9-12:00pm (must be trained)

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