by Jennifer Landrieu, Director

Every Spring, our Preschool parents are asked to fill-out a survey to let us know how their year went. Here’s a sample of what they said:

About their overall experience:

  • Amazing – lots of fun, lots of learning, and tons of love!
  • Very caring teachers and staff – real family feeling.
  • She enjoyed every day! Always wanted to go to school.
  • NBRC is warm, welcoming, safe, and filled with caring people.
  • I cannot thank the Preschool enough for making our son feel safe at school due to all of his food allergies. You have all gone above and beyond to accommodate him. We are so grateful!
  • Terrific – I am amazed at some of the technology in the school.
  • We were very happy here! Will miss it!
  • Thanks for a great 4 years for both my daughters.
  • The last three years have been amazing! We couldn’t have asked for a better preschool experience! Thank you!!

About our facility:

  • Neat, clean, warm, inviting.
  • Facility is very clean and cheerful.
  • Very clean, organized, friendly.
  • Very friendly atmosphere, clean classrooms.

About whether their child was prepared for their next level of education:

  • Most definitely.
  • Completely! He definitely has the tools to succeed in K.
  • Well prepared – academic and social.
  • He has learned things that I don’t even know.
  • My child had a great year and is well prepared for Kindergarten next year.

About the communication between school and home:

  • Loved, loved, loved all the emails – felt very connected.
  • Open communication and well informed by director and teachers.
  • Very impressed and thankful for the email communication.
  • This was fantastic! Her teachers were always available.

About whether our program lived up to their expectations of why they chose our program over other programs:

  • It was better than I expected. Thank you.
  • This is such a loving, Christ-centered environment. Exactly why we decided this was the Preschool for us!
  • Great “feeling” at NBRC – great reputation as well.
  • Had a great year – highly recommend to others!
  • The staff is warm and caring. The education is appropriate and more than I expected. It is a very positive atmosphere. I like the fact that they learn about religion.