by Jennifer Landrieu, Director

Someday I will be big
And gone upon my way,
But here’s my little handprint
To remind you of this day.


We’re so creative here at the North Branch Reformed Church Preschool and we wanted to give our parents the opportunity to reproduce their child’s masterpieces so they could be shared with other family members, too.

The Preschool paired with Original Works to bring our handprint artwork to life on all sorts of items – iPhone covers, tote bags, nightlights, t-shirts, potholders, and more!

2013060702Our teachers decided to do handprint artwork this year. Our Little Lambs class made adorable “little lambs,” our three-year-old classes made land animals, our four-year-old classes made ocean animals, and our five-day class made butterflies. The children enjoyed the squishy feeling of having their hands and fingers painted and our parents really loved the projects.

Original Works is a PTO fundraiser and the proceeds of the sale went directly back into the Preschool.

We thank our fabulous volunteers to making this a fun fundraiser!