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School Closings

Occasionally, regular Preschool sessions will need to be canceled or delayed due to inclement weather. In these cases, the Preschool will follow the Bridgewater Township Public School District’s closings and delays. Please refer to the list of phone numbers, websites and radio stations you may obtain information from regarding closings.
Preschool Calendar Bridgewater NJ

When weather conditions dictate a delayed opening, morning classes will be held from 10:30am – 12:15pm.

Should weather conditions deteriorate during a Preschool session, we urge parents to pick up their children early. Should the preschool deem it necessary to close a session prior to the normal dismissal time, we will try to contact parents to relay this information via email and phone calls. If parents cannot be reached, the emergency contacts listed on each child’s registration form will be called. In no case, will a child be left unattended.

Parents are urged to use their own good judgment in deciding whether to bring their children to school in inclement weather.

Please contact the office if you need more information.