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This is our second year at NBRC Preschool.  It’s an amazing preschool with great programs, wonderful teachers, and staff . Our daughter is loving this school and her amazing teachers! So glad we chose to send her there. We love it!  ~ Khushbu A.

We absolutely love NBRC Preschool! The teachers are incredibly nurturing and attentive to our child’s needs. We feel so comfortable leaving our child in their care, knowing they are in good hands.  We couldn’t be happier with the care our child receives at this Preschool. The staff is always friendly and welcoming, and our child is always excited to go there each day. It’s clear they truly care about the well-being and development of each child.  Our child has thrived since starting at NBRC Preschool. The daily activities and curriculum are well thought out and engaging, and we can see the progress our child is making. We appreciate the open communication from the staff and the feeling of being part of a community.  ~ Aissam E.

North Branch Reformed Church Preschool is a wonderful preschool! Our children both love(d) attending classes her e, and it really helps prepare for elementary school. There are so many fun activities for the children, and the kids love their huge playground!  An overall great experience. Thank you to all of the staff for making it so great!  – Vicky M.

Our daughter absolutely loves going to NBRC Preschool. Every morning she wakes up eager to get there. She enjoys the learning and physical activities and especially loves the arts and crafts they do in class.  The teachers are great and have made a huge impact on our daughter and of course she is so happy to have made new friends with her classmates.  – Garth G.

My son has been at NBRC Preschool for Pre-K 3, Pre K-4 and will be attending the 5 day 5’s program.  We are very pleased with NBRC Preschool and highly recommend it as a truly wonderful program for a very fair price.  We are never in for any surprises as the Director and staff do a great job of keeping us informed of everything that’s happening at the school in a timely manner.  The teachers are wonderful and so very nurturing with our children.  You can really tell that they love what they do!  I can’t say enough great things really, they do so many fun activities and school events and the playground is fabulous! My son has made great progress both socially and academically and I am really thankful for such a wonderful program.  -Carolanne S.

What first impressed me about NBRC Preschool was that the teachers offered hugs goodbye to my daughter on her first day; they sought to connect with her heart. As the year continued, I saw how her teachers saw her as a unique individual, not only teaching her academic and social skills, but mentoring her heart and its needs. Furthermore, they reached out to me, mentoring this firstborn’s mother, by offering tips and tricks to both feed her hunger for learning and mold her behavior. I felt included on the team that was educating and supporting my daughter.

Now that she is in Kindergarten, I have received compliments from her teacher on her reading and math skills, which I attribute largely to the time and effort NBRC Preschool teachers put into their daily activities. She was well-prepared to enter Kindergarten and has not encountered any hurdles to excel. Additionally, she consistently relates information she encounters now back to activities she experienced at NBRC Preschool.

We are thrilled to send my son to NBRC Preschool in the coming year. Because of his sister’s positive experience, he is giddy and excited to learn and play. We are excited to join the NBRC Preschool team in educating his mind and mentoring his heart toward academic, emotional and spiritual growth.
-Rose Hanks

We have been sending our children to the preschool for the past five years. Our first child was reserved and shy. We were nervous parents sending our oldest off to preschool. We watched our daughter grow and learn academically, socially and spiritually. North Branch Reformed Church Preschool was one of our better decisions. It is a wonderful school with a loving and nurturing staff.

Our next two children have severe allergies. It was frightening to send them off and trust in others for their safety. Our boys loved following their big sister to North Branch. Jenn Landrieu and all of their teachers understood and calmed all our fears. They made recommendations for accommodations to allow everyone in their respective classes to have the same great preschool experience.

North Branch is a special place. It is more than a school. It is a place where our children learn the fundamentals of learning but more importantly in an environment of kindness and compassion. A place where “nice matters”. Three down one to go. Our youngest starts next Fall.
-The Kennedy Family

We love North Branch Reformed Church Preschool. The preschool is not only a preschool but a family. I had 3 children go through the preschool and my 4 child is currently attending. The children learned, socialized and thrived at this school. The teachers are fantastic! They are so nice, caring, affectionate, not to mentioned highly experienced. I truly feel that the experience the children receive is worth more than money can buy. We have been blessed to have been part of such a wonderful family for so many years. When the time comes for our youngest child to graduate from preschool, it will be a time of sadness but happy that they all received such a wonderful experience.
-The Closterman Family

We were at the shore this weekend and went to an egg hunt. A newspaper reporter approached our daughter and asked her name, age, etc. and then asked, “What does Easter mean to you?” She answered, “It’s when Jesus was raised from the dead.” The reporter then said, “What’s your strategy for the egg hunt?” She said, “I’m sorry, but I don’t know the meaning of the word strategy.” The reporter said after her first answer she forgot she was talking to a 5 year old. Upon defining ‘strategy’ she said, “I’m gonna run a lot!”

At first I thought, wow, she really listens at church. Then (with the help of my mother) I realized she really listens and learns at Preschool!

NBRC is well known for being a great place for its nurturing, kind, and safe environment. I am thankful for that but am also immensely thankful for how much my child learns every day. In addition, she has gained the self-confidence to speak to someone, such as a reporter, with ease and clarity. NBRC was a huge asset to our first daughter’s educational formation and she is thriving in first grade. People ask me what I do with her in the summer or after school and I have to be honest and tell them she had a great foundation at NBRC and still likes to learn.

I’m seeing the same with my second child and again am super impressed with all you do. Thank you for doing everything you do with such care, precision and expertise!
~ Mary Stewart

My daughter attended preschool at NBRC for 2 years. She loved going to school each day. We were all excited that this year it would be her brother’s turn to go to school. My son currently attends the 3 year old program at NBRC Preschool. Each week I wait anxiously to receive the teacher’s newsletter. It is through that letter that I can hear a detailed account of the classroom happenings. I marvel at all they are learning and imagine from afar what their day is like. Recently, I was given the privilege of spending the morning with my son’s class. It was truly an honor to see first hand where my son was getting his first taste of school. I noticed first that the class was completely child-centered. The children, upon receiving a warm greeting at the door, independently navigated through learning centers thoughtfully created to help strengthen fine motor skills, encourage logical thinking, creativity, problem solving, and working together. It was evident that the developmental needs and abilities of the young child were considered at every turn. I observed well established child friendly routines, saw students helping each other, and listened to songs being sung. There were words of praise and encouragement from the teachers. His teachers worked together allowing student independence, guiding and instructing only when needed. As a parent, I could not have asked for a better first school experience for my children!
~ Lisa Niles

It took one visit to NBRC Preschool to know that it would be where our children would start their educations. It felt like a school and a community, not a day-care or a franchise. Mrs. Landrieu and all the teachers have always been responsive to our needs and welcoming to all our children. Their effort to become familiar with our family has made it possible for our kids to easily transition into school. We’ve had great success in Little Lambs, the Three year old T-TH Class, the Four year old MWF Class and the Five Day Class. We feel that, as a result of attending NBRC Preschool, our children have developed a healthy love of learning and the confidence to continue to happily move forward with their educations.
~ Amy and Michael Ramsden

We first learned of NBRC Preschool from an advertisement for their Little Lamb´s Preschool in a local paper, and I am so glad we did. The Preschool has fulfilled our expectations and more. From the morning greetings to the way each teacher cares about their students. Our daughter has learned and shared so much, and this is why we are so glad her younger brother has just started the program at NBRC. We look forward to seeing him learn and grow, and share the many wonderful experiences that are ahead.
~ Sincerely, German and Kattia

North Branch Reformed Church Preschool offers families a rich and developmentally appropriate curriculum, dedicated teachers/staff and a supportive community of preschool families at a very reasonable price. Children participate in festive pageants, parades, attend field trips and enjoy visits from local speakers (fire safety/cider press). Students are nurtured and engaged each day through play, sensory actives, music and hands on technology.

It is really fantastic – I would recommend this preschool to anyone who has a child ages 2.5-5yrs.
~ The Webers

We love this school! When we were looking at preschools for our son, my mother-in-law (my husband had attended NBRCP as a child) and a friend, knowing how apprehensive I was to send my, then, only child anywhere suggested NBRC Preschool. After meeting Mrs. Landrieu, Pastor Todd, some of the other staff and touring the facilities I was convinced that he would be safe, happy, and well-looked after.

I especially love that Mrs. Landrieu or another staff member greets everyone at the door for drop-off & pick-up; AND my child is ONLY released to me or someone I specifically stated with photo ID!

They create such a family atmosphere that not only did our, now seven-year-old, son happily socialize, learn and play; but our four-year-old daughter is enjoying her second year of learning ABC’s, 123′s, painting, singing, and getting ready for kindergarten. She’s also able to enjoy being a child during offered enrichments, like “Wiggles & Giggles” and “Art with Anna.” She loves her teachers and “friends,” thoroughly missing school when she is not there. We know that not only our children but we will look back on their preschool years with happy memories.

We highly recommend the school to anyone who is undecided about where to send their child for preschool. We truly feel you won’t be regret it!

~ The Hutchings’ family

The NBRC Preschool has been a special experience for our entire family. The Preschool was recommended to us by two sets of our neighbors. After being given our tour by the schools director, Jennifer Landrieu, we made our decision. After meeting with her we were confident that we had found the right place for our son.

Jennifer and the staff at NBRC Preschool have conveyed a sense of family and community that is hard to find. Our son loves his teachers and classmates and misses school when he is not there. And our youngest loves to drop off his brother and is very excited to attend school there next year.

We are so happy with our decision to send our children to the NBRC Preschool.
~ The Torres’

NBRC Preschool is an excellent environment to introduce a child to the school experience and I highly recommend it to anyone considering preschool for their child.
First, this Preschool is a place that really understands children.

Second, the teachers that work at the school are excellent. From the Director on down, all the staffers are first-rate professionals and the atmosphere at the Preschool is that of a warm, happy place.

Third, the classrooms and overall facility are very clean, bright, and cheery. They have a wonderful expansive playground outside, a fun indoor playground, and a large multi-purpose room used for many activities.

Fourth, academically, I’ve been impressed with what the children learn as well as the teaching techniques. In addition to the fundamentals, they learn so many other things. It’s wonderful to have your child come home talking about which animals hibernate during winter and which ones don’t; how the class watched a butterfly grow from a cocoon; how they touched a horse-shoe crab; baked muffins and bread in class; had a Pilgrim/Indian Thanksgiving feast; not to mention the many songs they sing. Lastly, the Christian aspect is also a huge plus. It’s been great to have the values being taught at home reinforced in a school environment – from something as simple as giving thanks before one eats to learning the “Fruit of the Spirit” via song. Ironically, it was a non-Christian friend who first recommended the school to me as both of her children had very positive experiences at the Preschool. It is a safe and healthy environment and one that I have no reservations entrusting with my child.

I have to agree with one of the fathers I met at drop-off on my child’s first day. The only disappointment with NBRC Preschool is that the program doesn’t go on through the 12th grade!
~ Carolyn Weidemann

We switched our daughter to NBRC Preschool because location is closer to us and it came recommended by friends. Her teachers are organized, cheerful and somehow manage to engage each child in her class with personal attention.

Hands-on learning while having lots of fun isn’t just advertised, but delivered. And most importantly to me, my daughter LOVES going to school here. She’s learned so much already in the first half-year! Don’t miss checking out this preschool.
~ Cindy Spencer

I love this school! It offers a variety of programs for every child at all different developmental stages. The school’s program prepares children for their transition to kindergarten.

Also, the enrichment programs that the school has are wonderful like “Healthy Chefs,” “Science Explorers,” and “TaeKwonDo.” These extras are not offered in a lot of other Preschools in the area.

The teaching staff is wonderful and Mrs. Landrieu does a wonderful job as director. She has given new life to the school.

I highly recommend the school to anyone who is undecided about where to send their child for preschool. I truly feel your choice won’t be regretted.
~ Dena Hooge

I have visited a few different preschools over the years wondering what else was out there and the main reasons I have chosen this school is the love and dedication of the teachers! I hate to use the term warm and fuzzy but I like warm and fuzzy when it comes to the care of my precious babies. They are always greeted with open arms and smiles and so many of the teachers have been there since my 8th grader was there and much longer. I also love the atmosphere of the school, it is so bright and cheerful.

I think academics is important but at their tender ages I think social interaction and the experience of learning routines and how to get along with others and simple things like raising hands and taking turns is most important. When my daughter comes home, every time she is happy and excited to go back which says it all.
~ Melissa Hughes, Whitehouse Station, NJ

My four year old son attended the Little Lambs program last year, and is now in the Tues./Thurs. class at NBRC. He’s doing so well, ALL the staff are warm & kind. I couldn’t be happier with the teachers they are so wonderful with the children,I feel confident leaving him in their care, I love to hear about all his fun activities he did for the day (gym, music, language arts.) I looked at a few Preschools, I felt that NBRC was by far the best choice for my son, and I will be sending my two year old daughter to NBRC as well.
~ Lori Scruggs

We’re very pleased with the kindness and attention the North Branch Reformed Church Preschool staff have shown our children over the years. We never doubted that our children were in a safe and enriching environment.
~ Roland & Karen Reinhart

NBRC has a genuine Preschool with wonderful teachers and a great learning environment. We couldn’t ask for a better place for our daughter Julia, currently in the T/TH class and loves it. Our son Owen attended for 3 years and he especially enjoyed the Kinder Plus program.
~ Brad & Natalie Davis

North Branch Reformed Church Preschool creates a warm, caring, safe environment for children. I have always appreciated the nurturing and positive style of teaching by an accredited staff of mostly mothers and grandmothers. Two of my children have attended North Branch which has been a great stepping stone for elementary school.

In the future, I will definitely be sending my one year old to NBRC Preschool. I am looking forward to hearing all about her fun filled days of learning ABC’s, 123′s, painting, singing, and everyone’s favorite; playground time.
~ Anna Ludwig

For the past three years, my children have attended North Branch Reformed Church Preschool. The staff provide a caring environment for your children to learn and grow. The activities they have for the children are fun, constructive and develop social skills. The facilities are clean, safe and secure. Our children have benefited greatly from their experience here at this school.
~ Natasha Zelis (mother of three)

Our family has had a wonderful experience at North Branch Reformed Church Preschool. My daughter attended happily for 2 years, learning, playing, and growing. But when it was time for my son to attend, I was concerned on how his life-threatening health issues would be managed.

The director reassured me that as a Christian Preschool, they firmly believe that every child has a place there. That statement alone brought a lot of relief to my mind. Together, we worked out a management plan so that the room and the routine could be adapted to his needs without changing the usual structure of the class. His teachers have been wonderfully supportive and caring. I’m happy to say that my son is safely enjoying his 3rd year there. Thanks to all your staff for your dedication and warmth.
~ Margaret Seeley

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