by Jennifer Landrieu

1301252The North Branch Reformed Church Preschool’s PTO sponsored our 5th Annual Barnes and Noble Bookfair last night with over 100 families in attendance!

The PTO reached their goal of $3000 in sales and will earn 15% of the total, which will help them purchase more technology for our classrooms.

1301251The theme this year was “Curious George” and our our wonderful Pastor Mark joined us dressed as “The Man with the Yellow Hat” and brought Curious George, too. Every child at the Preschool had a piece of their artwork displayed around the store for shoppers to admire and the cafe was serving “George’s Juice” – a chocolate banana smoothie.

1301253Children each received a NBRC Preschool balloon and temporary tattoo. Our teachers read stories every 15-minutes under the trees in the children’s book section to bunches of our preschoolers and their families.

Special thanks to our PTO President Jillian Leitstein who organized this fun family event, our PTO volunteers who blew-up balloons (thanks to Diana Cirianni for the beautiful helium balloon displays), ran the tattoo station, helped display the children’s artwork, the teachers who read the stories, and the families who attended.

We can’t wait to see you all again next year!