by Jennifer Landrieu

The North Branch Reformed Church Preschool is proud to offer a nut-free, allergy safe school The number of children with food allergies is growing at an alarming rate and we see that first hand in our student population. Of our nearly 150 students, 24 of them have food related allergies.

Our entire facility is peanut-nut-free to keep our students safe and we have an approved list of snacks that parents can bring in for our daily snack. Any child with a food allergy is encouraged to bring in cupcakes or other treats to be frozen for when we celebrate birthdays with homemade treats.

We keep individual bags with Children’s Benadryl and EpiPens in a locked drawer in the Preschool Office. Our staff is trained and certified to identify allergic reactions and how to administer these medications, if needed.

We just found a great “Nut-Free” snack – SKEETER SNACKS! You can find their information at We’ve found them at Costco and ShopRite. They created Skeeter Snacks because peanut and tree nut allergies are the most common, fastest growing, and among the most dangerous and permanent of allergies. They’re really tasty, too!