by Jennifer Landrieu

Mmmmmm… is there a better smell than Chocolate Chip Cookies baking in the oven? I’m not sure!

Our children will soon welcome their dad’s to the Preschool on Father’s Saturday and they’re preparing for the big day by baking cookies to share. Some classes make Snickerdoodles, others make Oatmeal Raisin, some make Sugar Cookies, and others make Chocolate Chip Cookies.


No matter what’s baking in our kitchen, the North Branch Reformed Church Preschool smells DELICIOUS this week!

The children are learning to make lists, how to measure, discussing texture, comparing colors, and counting how many times they need to mix the batter. They’re learning to take turns and be patient while the cookies bake. Once they’re baked, the children can see how the heat of the oven changed the cookie batter.

What a fun way to learn about math and science!