By Jennifer Landrieu

Eyes of the WildMiss Kim introduced our campers to a chinchilla, hedgehog, fox, dove, and wallaby today!

She explained that Eyes of the Wild rescued many of the animals we saw and now they help educate others.

Campers were able to touch the chinchilla, hedgehog, and dove.

For every one hair we have on our head, a chinchilla has 60! They’re the softest animal on the planet.Eyes of the WIld-Chinchilla
Eyes of the WIld-FoxThis fox lives in the desert
and can hear things up to a mile away.
When a hedgehog gets scared, he rolls himself into a ball and flexes his muscles to push his quills up.Eyes of the WIld-Hedgehog
Eyes of the WIld-WallabeeThe wallaby used her hands to pick-up her food. Her tail is a large muscle. Miss Kim called it her “Wallaby Leash.”
We danced like doves, bobbing our heads, flapping our wings, and walking in a circle.Eyes of the WIld-Dove