By Jennifer Landrieu, Director

Sports for PreschoolersExercise for PreschoolersEvery Thursday and Friday, our Gym Teacher, Mrs. Kolb prepares gross motor activities for each of our age groups.

The children enjoy a 15-minute class, which begins with a warm-up song. They move their muscles, twist their torsos, and touch their toes to music.

Mrs. Kolb teaches the children basic, beginner sports skills like kicking, bouncing, throwing, and catching a ball. They also learn how to jump, hop, skip, and gallop.

It’s always a fun time when the rainbow parachute makes an appearance and the children use teamwork to toss leaves, balls, and even hide underneath.

Sports for Preschoolers-Parachute Most of the time, Gym class is held in Fellowship Hall, but every once in a while it’s held outside, too. In the Fall, they rake leaves into piles and jump into them and in the Spring, they do an Easter egg hunt.

Twice a year, an obstacle course is set-up so the children get to enjoy showing off their abilities while the teachers assess their gross motor skills.

Mrs. Kolb makes Gym FUN!