WelcomeOur teachers are returning to their classrooms with fresh ideas and excitement for a new school year!

On the afternoon of September 4th, they will mail each child a personalized, colored postcard to introduce themselves and tell the children which classroom will be theirs. Once parents receive the postcards, they can visit our “Who’s Who at the Preschool,” page where they will find photos and biographies of each teacher.

Students may attend our Open House on Friday, September 6th before their first day of school, so they can meet their teachers and familiarize themselves with their classrooms. Their first day of school, the following Monday, is only one hour and parents stay for a Parent Orientation. We’ll have extra staff on hands to give hugs to little ones (and parents, too) during the first week of school.

May God continue to bless our staff, students, and families!

– Jennifer Landrieu, Director