By Jennifer Landrieu, Director

Just in time for the Summer Olympics, our campers traveled to Shield’s Gymnastics in Flemington to learn all about how to become an Olympic gymnast. Miss Jackie and her helpers guided our group through warm-ups, and then divided our campers into two groups to go through various stations. They jumped down the “tumble track,” somersaulted over the wedge mats, balanced on low and high beams, hung from the rings, jumped off the vaults, and ran through two obstacle courses. Camp5dEveryone gathered around the colorful parachute, held it up high, and then hid underneath! The campers received a gymnastics ribbon and a voucher for a free class.

The weather was perfect for Wet and Wacky Wednesday as our campers enjoyed jumping through the sprinkler, tossing water balls, and scooping/pouring water into bins. Their towels were spread out on the sunny grass next to the gazebo, where they enjoyed their cool ice pops.

After they created their own Olympic torches, they took turns running with it. The healthy snack they made was a rowing boat, complete with celery, cream cheese, raisins, and stick pretzels. Yummy!

Happy Summer everyone!