By Jennifer Landrieu, Director

Every spring, we ask our parents to fill out a survey to let us know how their year went. Here’s a sample of what they shared with us.

About their overall experience:

  • Experienced staff that guide learning and make it fun to explore new topics.
  • I am impressed with the 5-Day program and all they do.
  • We love the program. It is a very nurturing environment to learn in.
  • This was our first year and we could not be happier with the program.
  • Enjoyed the diversity of programs.
  • I felt very comfortable leaving my child at school and I was very impressed with all she is learning.
  • The 3-Day Pre-K (ages 4-5) was very well organized and educational. It was a great year!
  • A well rounded program that was a great first step into Preschool.

About our teachers:

  • My son and I were always welcomed with open arms!
  • The teachers are amazing!
  • The 5-Day teachers were amazing!
  • Loved my daughter’s teachers.
  • The teachers cared so much about the children in their class.
  • Teachers are warm and quick to share feedback about children’s experiences and behavior.
  • The teachers are warm and approachable.
  • The teachers are excellent and always smiling.

About our facility:

  • Facility and classrooms are always bright, clean, and tidy.
  • Very clean and well organized.
  • The classrooms were always very clean and accommodating. Bathrooms were also clean!
  • Terrific facility, clean, well-cared for, and inviting.
  • My daughter’s classroom was always very clean!
  • Always clean, age-educationally appropriate toys in room.

About whether their child was prepared for their next level of education:

  • She went in not knowing her numbers and letters, leaving knowing them ALL!!
  • 5-Day was the best decision I could have made for my son!
  • I am impressed with the content and exposure (math journals, centers)
  • No doubt in my mind that he is ready for Kindergarten! Such a great feeling!
  • We have seen our daughter grow so much this year!
  • Impressed with quality and amount of work/projects completed.

About the communication between home and school:

  • As a working mom, I am not always able to be involved in pick-up and drop-off or PTO meetings. However, the email updates from Mrs. Landrieu and our child’s teachers, the flyers home, and the pictures from time to time really made me feel in touch with what was going on in the classroom and at the school in general.
  • Appreciated all the emails keeping parents informed.
  • Teachers are warm and quick to share feedback about children’s experiences and behavior.
  • Really enjoy my Thursday emails.
  • Emails home each week are great. Felt like I was in the classroom.
  • Loved receiving weekly emails and one on one discussions with the teachers!
  • I am a working mom and feel very connected even though I am not at the school often.
    LOVED the emails from teachers – photos and video were wonderful!
  • I loved getting the emails every week telling me what happened in class that week and what would be happening the following week. I always felt informed.

About whether our program lived up to their expectation of why they chose our program over other programs:

  • Never had any fear or doubt that my child was safe and in a loving environment. Loved how supportive the teachers are and how learning occurs, but in a way that allows kids to play and have fun!
  • 5-Day program was fantastic! Glad we held off on Kindergarten.
  • The program was everything I had hoped it would be.
  • Love the Bible based curriculum and the entire program. NBRC Preschool is warm and welcoming.
  • Mrs. Landrieu and the teachers are all so warm and welcoming. We wanted a caring and nurturing environment for our child’s first school experience. The preschool exceeded this expectation.
  • Absolutely! The friendly staff and teachers, cleanliness, curriculum, and overall feel that you get when you enter the Preschool has continued from Day 1.
  • As a parent of a third year student, I can say my expectations were exceeded. The kindness and love provided by the staff, as well as the academic program have helped our daughter grow and prepared her socially and academically for Kindergarten next year. We are so grateful and look forward to sending our other children to NBRC Preschool in the future.
  • Fun place to bring your child. Feel safe and comfortable here.