Lisa Vidal

Fun on the RugWhat a fantastic year we have had so far! Each day starts with our Morning Meeting which is full of learning. We have our leader of the day start by holding the flag and we all recite the Pledge of Allegiance. From there we sing songs about the days of the week and the months of the year. We figure out the date, review the months, color, shape and use straws to count how many days we have been in school. We bundle them by 10 and count them either by ones or tens. We find out how many straws all together and then how many more to get to another bundle of 10. Making MusicWe have a weather bar graph to learn more, less, greater and fewer when comparing the different types of weather. We are also charting our class’s birthdays to make comparisons. In addition we use this time to introduce our letter of the week. We learn how to write it and it’s sound. Then we do activities and projects incorporating that letter. We also come up with words that start with that letter and add them to our Word Worm that has already headed out the door.

On the BusThen we are off! This month has been a busy one. We started off with Father’s Saturday. We were so lucky that all of our Dads were able to join us. We made them special key chains in class and colored ties with them that day. We celebrated Valentines Day also. Every child decorated a valentine box out of a tissue/shoe box (like the “old days”) and distributed their valentines to their classmates by matching the names from the valentine to the name on the box. They all did amazing!

At the EaselAnother fun project we are working on is Original Works. Our theme is Sea, so we decided to get creative and use both the children’s hands and one of their feet to create a lobster! They came out so cute and it was so fun to hear them giggle when their foot and hands were painted! PlayingFinally we have been learning a little about dinosaurs (our theme this month) and dental health. We combined the two the other day and had the children use a toothbrush and white paint to brush a dinosaur tooth clean (yellow paper cut in a dinosaur tooth shape). They LOVED it! In our class, having the children excited about learning and loving school is our goal. We hope you enjoyed a look into our classroom and would love you to stop by some time!