MWFOrange2It is hard to believe that we have been in school for two months. Our 4 year olds are an energetic and social group who keep Mrs. Kiser and Mrs. Halligan on their toes. The boys and girls are eager to explore new things, play with their new friends and be helpers in class.

For some of the children, this is their first preschool experience and are learning many new routines i.e. walking in a line, using inside voices and walking feet, saying please and thank you, as well as listening during circle and story times. There are many opportunities for the children to learn how to take turns and share with their friends.

MWFOrange1We love to sing in our class during transitions times, going to and from the playground as well as in Music class with Mrs. Sheeley. Keeping the beat with musical instruments is fun. We can’t wait for our Halloween Parade to show you what we’ve learned.

In class we are working on developing our fine motor skills by squeezing, pinching, pulling and cutting play-doh with a wooden knife, picking up objects with large plastic tweezes, lacing, stringing beads, building with blocks, playing with peg boards, puzzles, scooping and pouring at the cornmeal table, and painting and drawing at the easel. Playing in the kitchen is a favorite; making cake, cookies, and coffee for the teachers. The children are very proud of their artwork and enjoy seeing it displayed for you to see.

Movement activities are always fun and we have really enjoyed being able to be outside playing on the playground, running, climbing, and learning to use our arms and legs when swinging on the swings. In class, we like to pretend to be different kinds of animals crawling, creeping, walking on our hands, and feet which challenges our large muscles.

Our children are enjoying their newfound independence by learning to put on their coats, hang up their school bags when coming into class, putting their drawings in their bags, cleaning up their toys, and helping to clean the tables before and after snack to name a few.