We are a joyful group of 11 girls and boys.

Upon arrival, after hanging up our coats and bags, we find our names, which are written on shapes representing the color and the shape of the month. This activity is a responsibility and also reinforces their name recognition, in addition to reinforcing color and shape recognition.

203monsterSoon after arrival, everyone finds a cloud shape on the rug for our morning greeting. Our class is very aware if a classmate is not present and can name who is not here. We happily sing our “Hello Everybody, We’re so Glad to See You” song, naming each person. We talk about what we are going to do that day and who is our leader for the day – a job that everyone is anxious to do.

During our next period of time, the children engage in free play activities and one-on-one time with a teacher, working on a project that is concept or skill related. The children are busy using their imaginations painting or drawing at the easel, pretending while donning clothes from the dress-up basket, “cooking or serving” in the kitchen area or rolling, cutting shapes, or creating objects with play dough. They especially enjoy scooping, measuring, and mixing in the corn meal/water table. They are quite creative building and balancing wooden blocks to make such wonderful structures. At the tables, there are many manipulatives to engage their curiosity and skills – sorting dinosaurs or bugs by color or type, following a pattern with different ice cream cones, creating with Legos or Design builders, or assembling puzzles individually or with a friend.

Reading BooksOther circle time activities that our class enjoys are passing and rolling our red ball to a friend, playing “Color/Shape Bingo”, “What’s in the Box?”, “What’s Missing?”, doing the “Hokey Pokey”, and tapping rhythm sticks to the beat.

In addition to our busy class time, we enjoy our special time in music with Mrs. Orlando and in Language arts with Mrs. Sodano on Tuesday and in gym with Mrs. Kolb on Thursday. We have been very good listeners for our monthly story time with Pastor Todd or Pastor Mark and for the special visitors that have come to our class.

Another responsibility that the children have is cleaning up our classroom after free play. With everyone helping, it is amazing how quickly this can be done. We are very proud of their effort.

free playAfter washing hands and getting their own cup and napkin, we give thanks to God, before enjoying our snack. Our class does enjoy snack time. While we wait for all our classmates to finish their snack, the children have a quiet time to look at books. We then enjoy a story read by one of the teachers.

This winter, we have spent our gross motor time in our downstairs large motor room. The class loves this time. They enjoy taking turns riding on the coaster, rolling down the incline mat, sliding down the slide, and rocking in the boat. They also have fun pretending to “sell ice cream” from the play structure or stand on the stairs in a group, holding hoops, proclaiming “we are acrobats”. Now that Spring is here, we will be able to enjoy our large motor time in the playground.

Our busy days are filled with fun, learning, and smiles, enjoyed by the children and teachers.

Janice Davenhall
Anna May Halligan