Puzzle SolvingHi! We are Maureen Gaboda and Karen Belardo and we run the 3 day 3 year old class. They are the older 3’s and have to be potty trained for this class. We have settled in by this time of year and the children have made new friends and have become very social in the process. We enjoy our morning meeting where the leader of the day does the calendar and then becomes our weatherperson! Being the leader is important to the children and gives them a sense of accomplishment.

ClimbingWe then go on to the special of the day. Monday is Language Arts with Mrs. Young, which the children all come back smiling. She usually takes half the class which is 7 children and works in that smaller group. Wednesday is music with Mrs. Orlando and the children love to sing and learn new songs. The rhythm sticks have been so much fun to find the beat! On Friday, Mrs Kolb will work their large muscles while having a great deal of fun.

Working on Art ProjectEveryday we have a project for the children and we take them one at a time while the rest of the children have free play. We work on skills such as counting, fine motor, numbers, and letters.

Our children have matured greatly since September and are learning while having so much fun playing. They love to come to school and see what new and exciting experience await them! Until next time!

Sincerely, Maureen and Karen