By Jennifer Landrieu, Director

It’s amazing how much our Preschoolers learn while “just” playing in centers!

In the Writing Center, a child…

Writing Center

  • Practices using various writing implements – pencils, crayons, markers, stencils, stamps, and rulers.
  • Creates stories with inventive spelling.
  • Learns to write from the top to bottom and left to right on a page.

In the Art Center, a child…

  • Has the opportunity to be creative.
  • Learns to make decisions by choosing different art materials.
  • Begins to learn shapes and colors.
  • Builds self-confidence.

When children work with puzzles, they learn…


  • Hand-Eye Coordination
  • Fine and Gross Motor Skills
  • Problem Solving
  • Shape Recognition
  • Memory
  • Setting Small Goals

Through Dramatic Play, a child…

  • Pretends to cook and practices thanking God for food.
  • Pretends to be a family member and practices for a life of being part of a family.
  • Pretends to care for a doll and practices Bible teachings.
  • Pretends to play various roles with friends and practices for a lifetime of relationships.

In the Block Center, a child…


  • Develops hand/eye coordination.
  • Develops a sense of balance.
  • Develops math concepts – number, size, shape, space, and weight.
  • Learns to share an area with others.
  • Uses imagination and creativity.
  • Works cooperatively with others.