By Jennifer Landrieu

201303151Rainbows, pots of gold, and leprechauns might make you think of St. Patrick’s Day, but at the North Branch Reformed Church, a visit from Brenna McGowan kicks off our celebrations!

201303152 Brenna is a former NBRC Preschool student and the daughter of Mrs. McGowan, our Five-Day teacher. She’s been visiting our school for years around St. Patrick’s Day to demonstrate Irish dancing!

Brenna arrives in her beautiful dress and has a curly wig on, too. She dances two different styles of Irish dancing, one with a hard soled shoe and one with a soft soled shoe.

Our Preschoolers are fascinated by her quick movements and the sparkle of her dress. Brenna talks to the children about the types of music she dances to, teaches the students a few steps and explains why Irish dancers keep their arms at their sides. — Once dancing was illegal in Ireland so dancers kept their arms straight at their sides so that if someone looked in a window they could not tell those inside were dancing.

We are thankful that Brenna continues to share her Irish dancing talents with our Preschoolers!