by Jennifer Landrieu

20130315Our Preschoolers learned all about keeping their teeth healthy when Dental Hygienists, Donna and Danielle, visited our classrooms.

It’s recommended that a child should visit the dentist within six-months of their first tooth’s arrival, or by their first birthday, and every 3-6 months after that. Your dentist will usually spend 15 to 30 minutes performing a gentle exam and cleaning.

Children should brush their teeth twice a day for about two-minutes, spending 30-seconds on each quadrant of their mouth. You can help them reach this goal by singing songs or setting timers. Some toothbrushes even have flashing lights or music built-in, which can encourage them to keep brushing. Remember to change their toothbrushes every three-months and whenever they have been sick.

Mainting a healthy diet, limiting sweets, and eliminating soda can help your teeth stay healthy. Our Preschoolers saw what happens to an egg when it sits in soda and it was not a pretty sight!