Giving Locally and Globally

By Jennifer Landrieu, Director

Our Preschool teachers, children, and families have helped so many in the three months we’ve been in session.

  • Children’s Clothing Challenge (September – December): Our parents and teachers brought in over 30 large bags of children’s clothing to donate to FISH in Piscataway, an organization that helps local homeless people. The barrel is in Fellowship Hall and donations will be accepted throughout the year.
  • Lee’s National Denim Day (October): Preschoolers and teachers wore their jeans in support of Breast Cancer Research and raised over $250.
  • UNICEF (October): You may have heard our Preschoolers during Halloween saying, “Trick-or-Treat for UNICEF.” The children collected money to help other children around the world have food, schooling, and medical care.
  • Food Drive (November): During our annual Thanksgiving Feast, our Preschoolers dressed up as Native Americans and Pilgrims. They brought donations of canned good and non-perishable food items for our local food bank and collected over 150 cans!
  • The Resource Center of Somerset (December): This year our “Giving Tree” supported local families who were victims of domestic abuse. Many of these families left all their belongings behind, so they needed even basic items. Over 60 items were donated including blankets, sheet sets, towel sets, dishes, clothing, umbrellas, flashlights, books, toys, gift cards, and more!
  • World Vision (December): Our teachers will be sending a donation to World Vision who supports international families by supplying them with farm animals, enabling them to feed themselves and create a source of income.

An Attitude of Gratitude

By Jennifer Landrieu, Director

Give thanks in all circumstances, for this is God’s will for you in Jesus Christ.
– 1 Thessalonians 5:18
Give thanks to the Lord, for he is good; his love endures forever.
– 1 Chronicles 16:34

image1In the days leading up to Thanksgiving, you’ll hear our children talking about what they’re thankful for. You may hear Thanksgiving prayers to God for Mommies and Daddies, festive songs celebrating friendships, love, and sharing, or grace before snack… “Thank You God for everything!”

Being thankful is a learned behavior, so we offer our Preschoolers many opportunities to practice giving thanks. Here are some ways you can encourage your child to have a grateful heart:

  • Grace: Before eating a meal, you can give thanks to God by saying grace. Your child can add their thanks to an adult led prayer or you can say this one that we use at the Preschool:

    Thank you for the world so sweet,
    Thank you for the food we eat.
    Thank you for birds that sing,
    Thank you, God, for everything!

  • Sharing: Children grow up and right out of smaller clothing so quickly! Check your closets for clothes, coats, and shoes that your child won’t use any longer and donate them to the “Children’s Clothing Challenge” bins in Fellowship Hall. The clothes are given to needy families in Somerset County.
  • Thanking Others: Whenever your child receives a gift, encourage them to send a picture or note to show their thanks.
  • Modeling Gratitude: Parents can show their children they’re thankful for others by offering thanks to their child when they assist in small tasks, offering thanks to cashiers that help check them out, or offering thanks to a neighbor who helped get the mail in when they were away.

NEW and Improved Playground

By Jennifer Landrieu, Director

The Preschool recently installed several new playground pieces and surfacing to our already amazing 18,000 square foot playground.

SpinnerThe new equipment, costing $25,000, includes:

  • Firetruck with a steering wheel in the front and a back for passengers.
  • Intensity Course including monkey bars, traverse, rock wall, and activity panel.
  • 3 Kid Spinners including 2 red tulips spinners and 1 yellow daisy spinner.
  • 4 Stumps and 1 Boulder (made of composite playground materials)
  • 150 cubic yards of mulch… that’s 1 ½ 18-wheelers full!

firetruckWe add these new pieces to our existing equipment:

  • 2 Swing Sets (8 seats)
  • Twirling Bars
  • Animal Teeter-Totter (4 seats)
  • Blue Tunnels
  • Climbing Jungle Gym
  • LARGE Play Structure with 2 Slides, Rock Wall, Activity Panel, and Tunnel

We hope all children between the ages of two and six years old enjoy playing on the Preschool’s playground!

Fall Enrichment Classes

By Jennifer Landrieu, Director

Have you heard about our amazing Enrichment Classes?


Science ExplorersPreschoolers can stay for lunch and a special activity after their regular morning hours. Our 5-Day and MWF 4’s classes may register for the classes in the Fall. In the Winter and Spring, we add the MWF 3’s and T/Th 3’s Enrichment Classes.

This Fall, we’ve offered the following classes:
Science Explorers with Mrs. McGowan and Mrs. Lewandowski (Mrs. Mooney, lunch)
Our little scientists have explored magnets, chemical properties, solar energy and more, all through hands-on experiments. Science Explorers is offered in the Fall and Spring with all new experiments in each session.

Art With AnnaArt With Anna with Miss Anna Ludwig and her mom, Mrs. Palladino (Mrs. Halligan, lunch)
Our petite-Picassos have explored color, line, shape, and design. Miss Anna incorporates literature and music in her lessons and she displays the children’s artwork in the first floor hallway for all to enjoy. Art with Anna is offered in the Fall, Winter, and Spring with different projects in each session.

Building Buddies with Mrs. Belardo and Mrs. Reinhart (Mrs. Halligan, lunch)
Our energetic engineers have built a train station with multiple track designs, constructed structures with our large open wooden blocks, created marshmallow-toothpick-pipe-cleaner 3-dimensional structures, and have worked with Dacta’s and TeacherGears. Not only are the children learning how to “build” using blueprints, maps, and designs, they’re also learning how to “build” friendships with their peers. Building Buddies is offered in the Fall and Winter.

Stay tuned for more on our Winter Enrichment Classes!

Halloween Happenings at the Preschool

By Jennifer Landrieu, Director

happycarPrincesses, Firemen, Superheroes, and all sorts of other costumed kiddos will have the opportunity to participate in several Halloween events this October!

The 3rd Annual Trunk or Treat will welcome over 300 participants and host approximately 70 decorated trunks. Families will decorate their trunks and offer a treat to each child. Children will vote on the BEST TRUNK, guess the weight of a large pumpkin, visit the Preschool Pumpkin Patch, get a pumpkin tattoo, and play fun Halloween games.

We’ll host three Halloween Parades this year! The children will parade into Fellowship Hall and our music teacher, Mrs. Hernandez, will lead the children in seasonal songs. Each class will have a Halloween Party with a sweet snack, healthy snack, and party plates and napkins!

pumpkinEveryone’s invited to the Church’s Halloween Costume Party, too! You need to bring a pumpkin to carve. Mark your calendars for Saturday, October 24th from 3pm to 5pm in Fellowship Hall.

Check out what the American Pediatric Academy has to say about Halloween Safety.

Have a safe and fun Halloween!

Camp Week #5 – Skylights Star and Laser Show

By Jennifer Landrieu, Director

Camp5-3“Stellar Space” campers boarded a big, yellow school bus and headed to the Planetarium at Raritan Valley Community College this week!

Everyone took a photo as an astronaut, then made their way into the domed planetarium. The reclined seats were a novelty to some of the campers, but they helped them see the star show.

Campers watched images and stars dance across the “sky” and heard mr. RAY’s songs “Kalien the Alien” and “Family Ride,” among others.

When the campers returned from the Planetarium, they were all abuzz about their “out-of-this-world” field trip to the Planetarium!Camp 5-2

Camp Week #4 – Kids’ Music Round with Miss Beth

By Jennifer Landrieu, Director

singingtwinsDuring Creative Campers week, Miss Beth of Kids’ Music Round, led our campers in two music classes. She started each class with the “Hello Song” she played on her guitar. Children explored tempo, rhythm, pitch, and patterns using their voices, bodies, and instruments. The mini-cymbals were favorites and the children giggled with the rainbow colored scarves. Everyone had a chance to show off their musical talents!Music at camp

Camp Week #3 – “Build It”

By Jennifer Landrieu, Director

LegotopBricks4Kidz of Hunterdon-Somerset visited our campers and brought bunches of Duplo and Lego bricks.

Campers followed blueprints and followed multi-step directions to create letters, rockets, and buildings!

Our campers enjoyed becoming architects and creating interesting structures.



Camp North Branch Week #2 “Natural Wonders”

By Jennifer Landrieu, Director

BraydenHorseWhen the Cloverland Farm pony truck arrived, our campers jumped for joy! Strawberry and Cocoa gave TWO rides to each of our campers on the grass outside the playground.

Artweek2Our teachers prepared amazing lessons for the children which involved making crystals, creating snow-capped mountains, drawing and painting the Northern Lights, and playing outside in nature.

Camp North Branch Week #1 “Mix It Up”

By Mrs. Landrieu

Camp North Branch: “Mix It Up” – Week #1Our campers had a blast “mixing up” colors this week!

Mrs. Sodano helped everyone make homemade sidewalk chalk using plaster of paris, water, and powdered tempera paint.

iceeCampers used marbles to mix primary colors to make secondary colors with Mrs. Belardo.

Mrs. Kolb set up colorful tunnels for campers to climb through or kick a ball through on the grass.

Asteroid Amanda from MAD SCIENCE presented the workshop “Hello Color” to our campers. They observed chemical reactions which changed colors, discovered all the colors of the rainbow (ROY G BIV), and everyone participated in a color mixing experiment.

It was a beautiful day to be outside on Wet and Wacky Wednesday! The campers ran through sprinklers, played with beach and soccer balls, colored with sidewalk chalk, blew bubbles, and enjoyed frozen ice pops on the lawn.


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