2016-2017 Parent Testimonials

By Jennifer Landrieu, Director

Every spring, we ask our parents to fill out a survey to let us know how their year went. Here’s a sample of what they shared with us.

About their overall experience:

  • Best Preschool in the area!
  • Love that she can come home from school and tell us what she learned.
  • It’s a great program. The 5-Day class exceeded my expectations.
  • Excellent!
  • Always great!
  • I loved every part of this school.
  • Wonderful staff and teachers.
  • Important to us that she gets Biblical support, human kindness, and manners over curriculum and teaching.
  • She grew academically, socially, and emotionally.
  • Extended Day was perfect.
  • Excellent.
  • We’ve been very happy with our choice. NBRC makes my daughter feel happy and confident. She enjoys going to school and that is our main concern.
  • The teachers are amazing – so nurturing and caring.
  • All my expectations were exceeded.
  • I took a chance on NBRC Preschool as my older two went to another preschool and wound up loving it!
  • Always feel at home at NBRC Preschool.

About our teachers:

  • My son has said, “I want Mrs. Vidal to always be my teacher!” … and I 100% echo this sentiment.
  • Mrs. McGowan’s class is amazing. She does so many fun and creative activities.
  • 2nd time with Mrs. McGowan and she cannot retire!
  • Mrs. Reinhart and Mrs. Mooney are wonderful and loving teachers.
  • Mrs. Gaboda has gone out of her way to call us as needed.
  • Mrs. McGowan and Mrs. Belardo always made us feel welcome.
  • Always, it’s one of the things I will miss most when my son starts kindergarten.
  • Always. We loved the warm, happy greetings and conversations every day.
  • Feels like family.
  • They love on the siblings, too!
  • Mrs. McGowan and Mrs. Belardo always made us feel welcome.
  • Teachers always greeted us enthusiastically.
  • Wonderful teachers!
  • Mrs. Young is very welcoming.
  • I eagerly looked forward to my classroom visits. The warmth that has been shown to my son all year is extended to me.
  • Mrs. Lewandowski and Mrs. Gaboda are always extremely friendly and notice if my daughter is feeling shy. They always calm her and make her feel happy and let me know what’s going on. They always have a friendly word at drop-off and pick-up.
  • I loved the side conversations with teachers at drop-off. Also LOVED the mom visit.
  • All staff were very friendly.

About our facility:

  • Very warm and “homey.”
  • Amazing!
  • Always clean and very welcoming.
  • Very nice, warm, inviting school.
  • Amazing teachers and several activities for the students. We love the Legos!
  • Everything was very clean and organized.
  • Classrooms are very clean and they have good educational material.
  • Our daughter loves her classroom
  • The room was pleasant and well decorated.
  • Lots of variety of activities and toys in each room. Everything is clean. I love seeing all the children’s artwork hanging up.
  • The classrooms are warm and inviting.
  • The facility is so kid friendly and inviting. The classrooms are fun and personal to the class, which is such a boost for the kids.
  • Big, Bright, and Clean.
  • About whether their child was prepared for their next level of education:

  • Absolutely
  • My son learned the whole alphabet this year and how to write his name and simple words!
  • Absolutely! We always get complimented on how smart she is!
  • He’s so excited about learning because he has had such a positive introduction to education.
  • Absolutely! She is more than ready for Kindergarten.
  • Kindergarten here we come!!
  • Appreciate teacher’s openness about thoughts on doing one more year.
  • Her writing has excelled greatly.
  • Yes, even though it was our choice to keep him back one more year.
  • Our child is very methodical and school has really helped her develop.

About the communication between home and school:

  • Weekly updates from teachers and Preschool!
  • The weekly emails from the teachers and reminders from the school were very helpful and I never felt like there were too many.
  • Always on top.
  • Thank you for the repeated reminders!
  • The email weekly update is very useful.
  • Great!
  • Teachers did a great job of letting me know what was going on in the classroom.
  • Loved Mrs. Reinhart’s weekly emails. Very detailed! Seemed like the level of communication on Language Arts activities was up this year, too!
  • Mrs. Reinhart sent very thorough, detailed weekly emails.
  • Teacher’s great about weekly emails and Jenn is exceptional with information.
  • Always reminded of events, tuition, special circumstances, etc.
  • I appreciate the emails from Mrs. Landrieu and the weekly emails from my child’s teachers.
  • Excellent communication – never an issue.
  • Not too much or too little. I always enjoy reading the emails.
  • Detailed description every week!
  • I’m glad there’s a weekly email with what’s going on in class.
  • Love the pictures!
  • Communication with the school is very easy and response is very quick.
  • Love the weekly summaries.

About whether our program lived up to their expectation of why they chose our program over other programs:

  • Absolutely, as this was the second preschool we used in the area. I wish I could turn back time and have it be the ONLY preschool we used. Nothing beats the kind, loving, inclusive atmosphere at NBRC Preschool.
  • My child is more confident and ready for kindergarten.
  • If this school went up to grade 12, we would stay! So sad to be moving on to Kindergarten!
  • My kid’s vocabulary is highly improved.
  • Yes, it’s a warm and nurturing environment. I felt very comfortable that my child was in good hands! It’s also very clean!
  • I will recommend NBRC Preschool to everyone and take my second child here, also.
  • My son not only came home knowing letters, he came home knowing more about God and that is priceless. He came home one day following Pastor Mark reading to them and wanted to talk with me more about God’s omnipotence. He even used that very word!
  • I always felt comfortable and confident leaving my child at school. I know she will be well taken care of and that she will feel loved.
  • Exceeded expectations.
  • I chose NBRC for its child-centered approach and I’ve been very satisfied.
  • Our daughter liked the school very much, from day one, even more than her previous preschool.
  • I picked it because it seemed like a safe, nurturing place for my boys. And it is undoubtedly that.
  • Beyond our expectations!
  • High quality activities and teacher/child engagement at an excellent value.

Welcome to Our 2016-2017 School Year

By Jennifer Landrieu, Director

It’s almost time to welcome our preschoolers to another year of fun at North Branch Reformed Church Preschool!

All registered children will receive a postcard from their new teachers letting them know what color balloons to look for at our Open House on Friday, September 9th. At the Open House, parents and children may visit their new classrooms and meet their teachers. You can visit our Staff Page, where you’ll find a photo and biography of each of our talented teachers.

Our first days of school will be the following Monday and Tuesday for only one hour. Children will attend an abbreviated class and parents will attend our Parent Orientation meeting. As always, we’ll have extra hands and loving laps in our classes to help give extra hugs when they’re needed.

May God continue to bless our staff, children, and families.

Camp North Branch: “Olympics Week”

By Jennifer Landrieu, Director

Just in time for the Summer Olympics, our campers traveled to Shield’s Gymnastics in Flemington to learn all about how to become an Olympic gymnast. Miss Jackie and her helpers guided our group through warm-ups, and then divided our campers into two groups to go through various stations. They jumped down the “tumble track,” somersaulted over the wedge mats, balanced on low and high beams, hung from the rings, jumped off the vaults, and ran through two obstacle courses. Camp5dEveryone gathered around the colorful parachute, held it up high, and then hid underneath! The campers received a gymnastics ribbon and a voucher for a free class.

The weather was perfect for Wet and Wacky Wednesday as our campers enjoyed jumping through the sprinkler, tossing water balls, and scooping/pouring water into bins. Their towels were spread out on the sunny grass next to the gazebo, where they enjoyed their cool ice pops.

After they created their own Olympic torches, they took turns running with it. The healthy snack they made was a rowing boat, complete with celery, cream cheese, raisins, and stick pretzels. Yummy!

Happy Summer everyone!

Camp North Branch: “Under the Big Top”

By Jennifer Landrieu, Director

Camp4bCampers enjoyed a special visit from the performers from The Circus Place! They watched a balancing act, juggling, spinning plates, and a hula hoop act. At the end of the class, each group made a human pyramid. Everyone received a drawstring backpack, a voucher for a free class, and a red clown nose!

The sprinkler and water toys were out on Wet and Wacky Wednesday along with sidewalk chalk, bubbles, and ice pops. There was even a water balloon toss between our teen volunteers and our campers.

The smell of popcorn wafted through the halls, the campers created a carousel, and everyone had a silly, fun time!


Camp North Branch: “Super Hero Academy”

By Jennifer Landrieu, Director

Our campers arrived in their very best Super Hero shirts, dresses, and bathing suits and learned all about how they could be a SUPER HERO! They made masks, power cuffs, ate “super foods,” created their own Hulk puppet, and learned about our real-life Super Heros…the police, firefighters, and soldiers.

Which super power would you want? The majority of our campers wanted to FLY!

Our campers all have the POWER to: Learn, Think, Make Good Choices, Work Hard, and Solve Problems.

Watch out world…here come the Camp North Branch Super Heroes!


Camp North Branch: “God Bless America”

By Jennifer Landrieu, Director

God Bless America, Land that I Love…



2IceePatriotic music flowed through our classrooms, our students wore red, white, and blue, and rode on ponies! What a great way to get ready to celebrate our nation’s birthday.

Campers enjoyed making Statue of Liberty crowns, paper fireworks, flag necklaces, and sand art stars.

Two ponies from Cloverland Farms visited and the children enjoyed their rides on Strawberry and Cocoa.

Wet and Wacky Water Day was full of sunshine, sprinklers, bubbles, sidewalk chalk, and of course the camper-favorite – ICE POPS!

Camp North Branch: “Fairy Tales”

By Jennifer Landrieu, Director

Ariel2Crowns, wands, and a special visit from The Little Mermaid herself, made this week especially magical!

Movement Monday included a long visit to the playground where in addition to our playground structures, campers played with beach balls and hula hoops.

Our campers enjoyed Ariel’s visit, which included singing, dancing, games, an underwater treasure hunt, and fishy-tattoos.

PigSnackWe had absolutely beautiful weather for Wet and Wacky Wednesday and the campers jumped through the sprinkler, filled squirt toys, blew bubbles, traced each other with sidewalk chalk, and enjoyed ice pops on the gazebo lawn. They really got a kick out of the “Water Machine” – a water jug with a push-button spout!

Thursday’s story was The Three Little Pigs and campers created an art project with three different houses, built with Lincoln Logs, experimented with how much force they needed to use when blowing through a straw to knock over different objects, acted out the story, and created Rice Cake Piggies.

2015-2016 Parent Survey Results

By Jennifer Landrieu, Director

Every spring, we ask our parents to fill out a survey to let us know how their year went.

Here’s a sample of what they shared with us.

About their overall experience:

  • Great school, attitude, and great culture.
  • Love how welcoming and happy everyone is at North Branch.
  • Our son has had an amazing experience during his three years. He’s grown in every area and has been so happy to be at school. This is exactly what I could have hoped from Preschool. It has established a huge love of learning. Thank You!
  • Good mix of free play, instruction, and socialization.
  • Another great year, happy with all the progress made.
  • The younger 3-4’s is structured to let the children be free to explore and learn through play, yet with just the right amount of guidance to be instructed with love!
  • It gets better every year!
  • I feel like my child is learning a lot and having fun at the same time. She enjoys going to school.
  • Great program for socializing, learning routines, and adjusting to school
  • As always – very satisfied.
  • The program was a wonderful experience for our child. Thank you!
  • Everything I would look for in a preschool environment.
  • Thank you for being a fun, safe, and loving place to send my children for preschool. You have all done a wonderful job of fostering a strong community of excited and thoughtful learners. We’re looking forward to next year.
  • I went here! It was amazing then and now. It’s exactly what a preschool should be.
  • I’ve been in two other programs – both did not have every element in place like North Branch.
  • Very warm and friendly environment.
  • Loving teachers, warm, supportive environment.
  • We often speak at home about how happy we are with the decision to send our girls to NBRC and how great the program, teachers, and staff are.
  • My husband and I couldn’t be happier with the program here at North Branch. I was anxious about sending my son to Preschool for the first time, having only been watched by family, but I can honestly say the staff here at North Branch couldn’t be more nurturing or warmhearted! It has been a wonderful first school experience for my son. This program far exceeded my expectations! I am looking forward to next year and sending my other son here as well! I can’t thank you all enough!!!
  • My child is learning in a safe, fun, and caring environment.
  • We are very happy with NBRC Preschool!

About our teachers:

  • The teachers at our Preschool are just amazing with the kids- they love, nurture, teach, and just make school a fun place to be!
  • Another wonderful year here at NBRC Preschool. We can’t thank the staff enough for all of the kindness, love, and patience they provide for our children and our family! Always warm and welcoming!
  • It is so nice that Mrs. Landrieu and often Pastor Mark greet parents and are aware of who is coming in and out.
  • Teachers do an amazing job changing up the activities. “Hands-on” learning was fantastic.
  • Mrs. McGowan is phenomenal. So many of the activities they did were top-notch.
  • So thankful for two incredible teachers who accomplished so much.
  • Amazing teachers!
  • Mrs. Gaboda was the perfect warm and fuzzy first year of preschool teacher.
  • Amazing staff, many learning opportunities for the kids, and tons of fun!
  • He loves his teacher and always looked forward to each day.
  • Our child loves his teachers – their care and devotion to the program is very evident!
  • Mrs. Gaboda and Mrs. Halligan were fantastic! Such a blessing to have both in Gianna’s classroom.
  • Mrs. Vidal and Mrs. Belardo are very friendly, not only to me, but to my other children.
  • Mrs. Gaboda and Mrs. Halligan couldn’t have been more welcoming.
  • The teachers welcomed me with open arms.
  • I always felt welcome in my child’s classroom.

About our facility:

  • Classrooms are great!
  • Everything is clean and there is a good selection of toys (lots of variety). The new playground equipment is great!
  • The kids love the playground. It is also great how it is all fenced in.
  • Love the size. Love that it is shaded by trees.
  • Love the new structures. Good variety.
  • The playground is beautiful, safe, and always clean.
  • One of the best playgrounds around! Thank you for prioritizing its role in play!

About whether their child was prepared for their next level of education:

  • Our son grew so much this year in all areas – he’s definitely ready for Kindergarten!
  • It’s amazing how prepared he will be for Kindergarten.
  • Can’t wait to see what’s next for our son. He’s ready!
  • About the communication between home and school:

  • I really enjoyed getting pictures of their day!
  • Extensive weekly letter home and Mrs. McGowan always took the time to talk.
  • The emails are wonderful and help so much!
  • Couldn’t be better. Thank you Mrs. Landrieu. Very reliable, quick, and easy.
  • I felt very informed on the weekly class activities via the newsletter.
  • Love the weekly classroom updates via email!
  • Teachers were great with emails.
  • Every week, we enjoyed reading the update from Mrs. Vidal.
  • Emails helpful when talking about school day/week with my child. *Love the reminders!
  • The email reminders are key for me as a working parent.
  • Love the emails and newsletters.
  • I definitely appreciate the weekly emails from the teacher. It lets me know what is happening at school and allows me to know what questions to ask to get her talking.
  • I loved the weekly emails.
  • Weekly updates are great – full of information
  • Nice Job! I always felt in the loop.
  • Great communication!
  • We love the weekly emails.
  • Excellent! Love the email updates and newsletters.

About whether our program lived up to their expectation of why they chose our program over other programs:

  • We love this school. It has exceeded our level of expectation. Grace grew so much spiritually, socially, and academically.
  • We are so happy to have found NBRC Preschool. The program has helped prepare our son for Kindergarten through enriching programs with a good emphasis on play as well.
  • Compared to other schools in the area, my child has learned so much!
  • Wonderful preschool experience for our girls. Couldn’t be happier with our decision to send them to NBRC.
  • I was extremely satisfied with the program, especially coming from a different preschool that my son attended.

Celebrating 60 Years of NBRC Preschool

By Jennifer Landrieu, Director

The North Branch Reformed Church Preschool celebrates its 60th Anniversary this year!

The Preschool was started by Carolyn Zeek, with help from Jodie VanderVeer, in 1956 with a vision that this new program would benefit both the child and the family in a loving, Christian atmosphere. The first class had only twelve children and they played in the pastor’s backyard!

Fast forward 60 years and you’ll find a staff of 16, 110 students, an education building with 7 classrooms, and an 18,000 square foot state-of-the-art playground!

While we have a new president every four or eight years in the USA, there have only been five Directors in the Preschool’s 60 years, including:

  • 1956-1962 Carolyn Zeek (6 years)
  • 1962-1973 Glenna McKnight (11 years)
  • 1973-1988 Carolyn Zeek (returned for another 15 years)
  • 1988-2001 Gail Burgess (13 years)
  • 2001-2008 Kate Sarles (7 years)
  • 2008- Present Jennifer Landrieu (8 years… and counting!)

Many thousands of Preschoolers have come through our doors in the last 60 years and filled our rooms with their joy. We’re so thankful for the opportunity to reach so many young families and pray that God will bless our future years.

Help Us Celebrate with a Mr. Ray Concert!

In celebration of our 60th Anniversary, the Preschool is hosting a Mr. Ray Concert on Saturday, May 21st at 10am in the gym of Milltown Primary School (across the street from the Preschool).

Tickets are $5 each and currently registered students attend for FREE! To order your tickets, print this form and drop it off to the Preschool with a check made payable to NBRC Preschool.

Friends, neighbors, and family are welcome to attend!

2016 Silent Auction

By Jennifer Landrieu, Director

Our PTO has been busy getting ready for the 2016 Silent Auction, which will be held on Saturday, April 16th from 4pm to 7pm in the Fellowship Hall of North Branch Reformed Church Preschool. Funds collected from the event will benefit our Scholarship Program and bring in-house enrichment programs for our currently enrolled students.

Tickets will be sold at the door for $5 each and include a light dinner. All are welcome to attend!

Click to Download the Silent Auction Program 2016 (PDF)

Here’s a current list of what you’ll see at the Silent Auction

  • $20 value Poster from NJPAC
  • $118 value (2) tickets to the Mayo Performing Arts Center in Morristown
  • WAWA basket of foodie goodies
  • $40 value Trader Joe’s “Bag of Food”
  • $50 value Patriot’s Baseball
  • $100 value Poofy Organics and Massage
  • $60 value Gift Cards to North Branch Tavern
  • $40 Gift Certificate to Arvin’s Garden Center
  • $25 Gift Card to Quick Chek
  • $25 Gift Card to Il Forno
  • $25 Gift Card to Georgio Mikaelis (hair)
  • $12 Gift Certificate to KT Nails
  • $100 value (2) tickets to George Street Playhouse
  • $100 value (2) tickets to State Theatre in New Brunswick
  • $50 value Cat Lover’s Basket
  • $25 Gift Card to Houlihan’s Restaurant
  • $25 Gift Certificate to The Blue Sheep Bake Shop
  • $20 Gift Card to The Christmas Tree Shops
  • $98.75 Value Gift Certificate to Alstede Farm for ONE FAMILY (up to 5 people) for Admission and Unlimited Activites
  • $20 Gift Certificate to Smoothie King
  • $20 CASH from Lutong Bahay Filipino Grill, Raritan
  • $25 Gift Certificate to Rarian Music Store
  • $12 Manicure Gift Certificate to Nail Art, Raritan
  • ½ Hot or Cold Sub from Francesco’s, Raritan
  • $100 value (2) $50 gift cards to The School of Rock in Somerville
  • $25 value Alaine Sheeley Designs
  • $20 value NJ Devils Autographed Puck
  • $800 value Stress Factory Comedy Club (4) gift certificates good for 10 people each
  • $199 value Puppy or Basic Obedience Class from Live and Learn Dogs
  • $60 value Animal Care Basket from South Branch Veterinary Services
  • $60 value Highlights for Children Magazine Basket (ages 0-6)
  • $60 value Highlights for Children Magazine Basket (ages 6-12)
  • $620 value (4) One-Day Park Hopper Tickets to Disney World, FL
  • $300+ plus value for horseback riding lessons at Kierson Farm
  • $200 value Birthday Party for 10 at Paramount Gymnastics
  • $200 value Stampin’ Up donation
  • $175 MakeUp by Monica, LLC “MakeUp Make Over” (1.5 hours)
  • $175 value Bridgewater Marriott weekend stay for 4 with breakfast
  • $160 value Branchburg Lactation (in-home consultation)
  • $150 value Gift Certificate to Michelle Vosk Interiors
  • $150 value Fox Hollow Golf Club – Golf for 2 on a weekday, cart included
  • $144 value (4) tickets to McCarter Theatre Center in Princeton
  • $120 value Wooden Revolving Jewelry Box
  • $116 value Land of Make Believe “Family Four Pack” of tickets
  • $116 value Land of Make Believe “Family Four Pack” of tickets
  • $110 value American Girl Doll brand BITTY BABY doll and accessories
  • $110 value Nerium Basket
  • $100 value (4) All Day Passes to Yestercades in Somerville
  • $100 value Stella and Dot Gift Basket
  • $100 value Gift Certificate off a birthday party at Shield’s Gymnastics
  • $100 value Gift Card to Delicious Heights
  • $100 value Yankee Candles
  • $100 value Christmas Basket
  • $85 value 100% imported silk tie from “vineyard vines”
  • $80 value (4) tickets on the Hopewell and Ivyland Railroad
  • $75 value Handmade Wooden Storage Bench by Mr. Davenhall
  • $75 value Handmade Wooden Child’s Adirondack Chair by Mr. Davenhall
  • $75 value Pick Your Own Gift Certificates and Baskets from Snyder’s Farm
  • $70 value 2 tix at Plimoth Plantation, Mayflower II, and Plimoth Grist Mill, MA
  • $65 value Rodan + Fields (skin care)
  • $100 Gift Card to Wegmans
  • $85 NY Giants Lithograph Poster of Odell Beckham, Jr.
  • $50 Gift Card to European Wax Center
  • $44 value (2) Tickets to the International Spy Museum in D.C.
  • $40 Tastefully Simple Basket
  • $25 Applebee’s Lunch or Dinner for TWO
  • $25 Gift Card to Toscans’s Italian Restaurant
  • $60 value (2) race vouchers to Pole Position Raceway
  • $60 value QVC Studio Tour, West Chester, PA (6 passes)
  • $56 value (4) tickets to Rutgers Football Game on 9/10/16
  • $56 value Beauty Counter Hand Cream and Lotion
  • $50 value Paparazzi Jewelry Basket
  • $50 value (2 tickets good for 2 days) Mystic Seaport, CT
  • $50 Bensi (Italian Restaurant in Whitehouse Station)
  • $50 value Pandora Charm
  • $50 value Pfaltzgraf Winterberry set of 4 mugs and 4 dessert plates
  • $44 value (4) tickets to Jenkinson’s Aquarium
  • $44 value (4) tickets to Hillsborough/Montgomery Cinemas
  • $44 value RVCC Planetarium (4) tickets
  • $40+ value (4) Upper Box seats at a Patriot’s Baseball Game
  • $40 value Fitness Video Basket
  • $36 value (2) tickets to Norman Rockwell Museum, MA
  • $34 value (2) tickets to Ripley’s Believe It or Not Museum, Atlantic City
  • $32 value (4) tickets to The Bucks County Children’s Museum, PA
  • $25 Gift Card to Maggiano’s Little Italy
  • $25 Willie McBride’s Irish Restaurant
  • $25 value (2 tickets) National Christmas Ctr. Family Attraction and Museum PA
  • $25 value Large Lantern with Candle
  • $25 value 18″ Rabbit Statue
  • $20 value (10) Scholastic Soft Covered Books
  • $20 Keebler Mini Pie Maker
  • $15 Olive Garden Gift Card
  • $14 value Wildflower Vases
  • (2) Coach Tickets for the Strasburg Railroad in PA
  • Semester of classes at Kids’ Musicround with Miss Beth and a CD
  • The Theatre at RVCC (2) tickets to a performance in 2015-2016
  • Wawa Gift Basket
  • TRU Salon gift certificate
  • Dance Basket from Triangle Dance Center, Hillsborough
  • $130 value Camp North Branch Week #1 (June 20-23) “Fairy Tales”
  • $130 value Camp North Branch Week #2 (June 27-30) “God Bless America”
  • $130 value Camp North Branch Week #3 (July 11-14) “Super Hero Academy”
  • $130 value Camp North Branch Week #4 (July 18-21) “Under the Big Top”
  • $145 value Camp North Branch Week #5 (July 25-28) “Olympics” w/ field trip!
  • Priceless: 2 sets of 4 Front Row Seats to our “End of the Year Programs”
  • Priceless: 2 sets of 2 Front Row Seats for 2016-2017 Halloween Parades
  • Priceless: 2 sets of 4 Front Row Seats to 2016-2017 Christmas Pageants

Basket Donations from Our Preschool Classes, Families, Teachers, and Preschool Board

  • Arts and Crafts Basket
  • Backyard Fun Basket
  • Beach Party Basket
  • Coffee Lovers Basket
  • Craft Basket
  • Family Fun Night Basket
  • Gardening Basket
  • Gift Wrap Basket
  • Movie Night Basket
  • Pamper Yourself Basket
  • Pool Party Basket
  • $210 value Teacher’s Wine and Picnic Basket

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